About Us

Great day to all visitors! 

We are proud to welcome you to our creative website Bed And Breakfast In Mevagissey. Here, we can introduce to you all the things that can serve to you and you can purchase in our website.  

First thing that we want to tell to everyone that we are catering the towing kinds of services and the parts of the car that you may need whenever you want it to be repaired. We have professional people that can handle well the problems of your car and even when you want to have your cars be towed. They are experts in moving your car and making sure that everything will be handled with care. We have big cars and trucks to help move your cars and be handled well by these professional service man of our company.  

We are also having our other service which is about remodeling and renovating your bathroom to make it more attractive and fascinating. We can repair the damages and the replace old LED landscape lightings in your garden and every part of your house. We can assure you that we are using the right materials and equipment to handle the situation better.  

We also have some articles that you can read every day to make sure that you are doing things well especially for the maintenance and improve more your place and area. We are happy to serve you better and have a great and recommended service to our customers and clients.